Puppet Program 2014

A few weeks ago, one of my amazing coworkers and I did a puppet show program for preschool aged children.  We’re fortunate enough at our library to have both a theater and staff who can record and edit video.  The recorded version of our puppet show has been up on our youtube channel for about a week or so now, and I’ve been pondering about whether or not to post it here.  I don’t expect anyone who actually reads this blog to have the time — or even the inclination — to watch this 19 minute puppet show program; however, as much as this blog is for sharing ideas and networking, it’s also sort of an online portfolio for myself, and I’m very proud of this performance, so I’m going to go ahead and post it here.

If you do happen to watch this video, take note of my coworker’s awesome puppet voices!  She is fantastic!  Other fantastic coworkers who you don’t see here but were important nonetheless are the light and sound folk as well as the video folk!  Yay team!