Early Learning Fun: Lines and Measurements

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We have an Early Learning Center at my library.  It’s a 2200 square foot room filled with toys and books to encourage early literacy, and it’s a huge draw/asset to the library.  Our intention for this room is for parents and children (ages 6 and younger) to play together and learn together.  My coworkers and I have been tossing around the idea of bringing programming to this room, and we’ve done a few pop-up programs in the room to great success (including a monthly passive programming Letter Play Day that one of my brilliant coworkers arranges)!  This month I decided to do some legit programming in this room to encourage discovery and play among the children and caregivers.  My theme was lines and measurements, and I brought in a few simple activities that we could do together.

How It Went:  There were about 40 people (adults and children) in the Early Learning Center when I came in to start my program.  And I’m pretty sure that none of them actually came specifically for the program.  We were having a drab day with wet snow falling, so I’m sure that everyone who was in the room was there because they couldn’t go to a park.  I made an announcement that I was going to have some activities available for kids to do and that anyone who wanted to participate could, but if they’d rather keep playing, that was cool too.  So in a room of 40 people, I only had 7 children and 2 adults participate in the activities.  Not quite a success number-wise, BUT those who did participate LOVED the activities!  And since this program was on a Saturday, I was reaching kids who don’t normally make it to storytime during the week, so I felt that I was making a big impact.

Click the images below to download the PDF of my Lines and Measurements plan, as well as a few extras that I made for this program:

Lines and Measurements PlanInchworm FB 1Inchworm FB 2Rulers