Programs & Crafts

Baby Crafts:
Baby crafts were made during my baby storytime when I was working at the library in Texas. They were made by the parents with the baby in mind. Many of them were big hits.

Egg Shakers || Felt Ribbon Ring || Rhyme Cube || Bib Clip || Button Snake || Calming Glitter Bottle || Sensory Bags || Gripper Socks

Toddler Art:
Toddler Art is a program that I started at my current library. It is a craft program for children ages 2 to about 5.

Pipe Cleaner Fireworks || Mitten Suncatchers || Q-tip Painted Snowflakes || Colorful Popsicle Stick Snowflakes || Toilet Paper Tube Stamping || Chalk Art || Painting Snowmen with Cotton Balls || Sticker Mittens || Pencil Stamping Corn on the Cob || Tissue Paper Pumpkins || Pinecone Leaf Art || Leaf Rubbings

It’s too popular to NOT do any programming around it.

Minecraft Madness Part 1 || Minecraft Madness Part 2 || Minecraft Crafts

Other Programs:

Computer Part Art || Be a Moviemaker: An iPad Program || Discover 3D Printing || Spy Camp