I’m Going to Try a Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

It has been a bumpy road for me and my bullet journal, and I haven’t even officially started yet!

When keeping a bullet journal first became super popular a few years back, I was torn between “Yes! This is right up my alley! I’m totally going to do this!” and “…But I kind of already do? But, like, on post-its and stuff?” So while everyone on the Internet started posting about their bullet journal habits, I continued to alternate between the conflicting feelings of “THIS IS SO AWESOME!” and “Why is everyone freaking out about this? It’s not a new concept. I do this already!”

And then I forgot about bullet journaling, almost completely…until a few weeks ago.

I was scrolling through Buzzfeed when I stumbled upon this post. Suddenly, my urge to bullet journal increased by leaps and bounds. I immediately grabbed the nearest notebook and pen and washi tape and got to work, only to discover that:

  1. I am not nearly artistic enough for a pretty bullet journal.
  2. I am not interested in a basic bullet journal. (It’s the Taurus in me; I love beautiful things.)
  3. I do not have time to invest in creating a pretty bullet journal.

I was just about to give up when I found this planner at Target. I picked it up on a whim [side note: I really need a chaperone in Target to keep me from picking up things on a whim] and immediately thought, “Hey, this could work for bullet journaling!”

This is a massive tome of a planner! It has a space in front for you to map out your big picture goals for the year, each month starts out with a monthly calendar, and each page is dedicated to a single day (excluding the weekends, which are smooshed together on one page). On each day page, there’s a place for your schedule, your to do list (with a separate place for your top three things to do), a notes section, a quote, a gratitude, and plenty of space for you to write other things.

Needless to say that my inner Taurus was very happy with this planner. So, yeah, I bought the (overly priced) planner. And I’m going to try the whole bullet journal thing in September. I’ll let you know how it goes.

P.S. Is it still bullet journaling if you use a planner?


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