Makerspace Challenge: Pipe Cleaner Creations

Pipe Cleaner Creations

June’s Makerspace Challenge was pipe cleaner creations, and it was a huge hit! As a matter of fact, the day that I changed the challenge to pipe cleaner creations, a coworker came up to me as I was filling a tub with pipe cleaners, and she said, “Did you stock up on pipe cleaners? Because I can see this one being popular.” And even as she said it, a tween left her computer to come over to the Makerspace and make something!

Since then, I saw a lot of flowers and bracelets and finger puppets, all made with pipe cleaners! I even had one tween make a very realistic pipe cleaner Sonic the Hedgehog!

Sonic the Hedgehog

June is almost over, so in a few days, I’ll be putting most of the pipe cleaners away in favor of a new medium. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what else kids will make!


4 thoughts on “Makerspace Challenge: Pipe Cleaner Creations

    • The sign just instructs kids to use the pipe cleaners to make something. It offers suggestions such as a bouquet of flowers or finger puppets.

    • I do not have a copy of what the sign says, but it just tells the kids to use the pipe cleaners to make something and lists suggestions (flowers, finger puppets, etc).

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