Life Lately at the Library: February 2015

Life Lately FebruaryI can’t believe that we’re almost done with March, and I’m just now getting to my February recap.  Wait.  No.  I can believe it.  Still, at least I’m not posting this in April, right?  February was quieter month, and while I do have a few things to share about last month, I do not have pictures this time around.  Sorry!  I’ll try to do better with the whole taking pictures thing.  Anywho, here’s what’s been happening:

1) Juvenile Deposit Collection (JDC)

Three times per year, my fellow librarians and I pack up a bunch of books, grab some storytime stuff, and hop into the library’s van to visit local daycares and preschools.  We give each daycare/preschool provider boxes of books that they can keep until our next visit.   We also perform a storytime at each daycare/preschool while we’re there dropping off books.  For our winter JDC visits that took place in late January and early February, we checked out 3500 books to give to daycares and preschools!  This is a GREAT service that we offer, and I love it!  Although I will admit that our winter visits can be challenging due to winter weather.  Remember that blizzard that hit ALA Midwinter?  Yeah.  I was out the very next day to deliver books in nine inches of snow!  It kind of made me feel like a super hero.  (Although I do want to point out that the roads weren’t terrible that day…my coworkers and I do have permission to reschedule if roads are unsafe.)

2) Biggest Tour Ever!

We had the biggest tour ever during the month of February!  150 kids with 70 adults visited Children’s Services to hear stories, get library cards, and check out books.  It was fun chaos that took more than 3 librarians, myself included, to keep under control.  Still, the kids (and adults  (and librarians!)) had lots of fun!

3) Lots of Planning

A few months ago, I was awarded the Building STEAM with Dia grant.  While I’ve been planning programming for this grant for months, February was the month in which I was dotting i’s and crossing t’s for a lot of the grant implementation.  I worked with a local t-shirt printing company to have some t-shirts made for promotion.  I ordered a lot of books to give away and add to the collection.  And, of course, I ordered a lot of fun STEAM things for passive and pop-up STEAM programs that we’re offering this month and next month as part of the grant.  Stay tuned to hear more!

And that, sadly, is about it.  I did do a couple of other programs during the month (including Toddler Art, which I should really get back to posting about), and there were a lot of other tasks that I complete on a semi-regularly basis.  But I think I’ll talk about those things another day.


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