Themeless Storytimes: Final Thoughts

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In conclusion — and I’m gonna keep this brief because it’s Flannel Friday, and y’all should be checking out some awesome flannelboards right now — themeless storytimes may not be for everyone.  But I’m having lots of fun with them right now.  I may not always stick to themeless storytimes.  I mean, every now and then you just gotta do a bugs storytime or something, you know?  But for right now, themeless storytimes are working really well for me.

What about you?  Do you do themeless storytimes?  If so, what are some of the pros/cons you’ve experienced?

2 thoughts on “Themeless Storytimes: Final Thoughts

  1. I always tended toward themeless. I figure that we are setting an example for parents, and they are not always reading several books on a theme – they just read what’s on hand and the kids like. That way I can always throw in my favorites and they always work. 😉

    • You make a great point about themeless storytimes being closer to what parents actually do with their kids! My reasons for going themeless were purely selfish (I do not have time to find a million elephant books!), but I love the idea of presenting themeless storytimes as a way to model to parents what they can be doing with their children.

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