iPad Free Play

Today I offered an iPad program in which parents and children of all ages were invited to come in and test out some of the apps that we have on our iPads. There was no format, no goal, and no structure.  I simply stood outside of the program room and basically said, “Good morning, would you like to play with some iPads?” to families as they walked into the department.  Many of them said yes, grabbed an iPad or two, and started to explore.

I have always been a firm believer that — yes, too much screen time is bad — BUT interactive and educational screen time can be very, very good!  And this program justified my belief because during the entire hour, I heard fantastic conversations between parents and their kids as they all played and explored and learned together.

Also, this conversation happened as I was explaining Color Uncovered to a young girl:

Me:  This app has a lot of cool optical illusions!

Girl’s Mother:  Just like that dress on the Internet!

Weird Internet memes aside (IT’S GOLD AND WHITE!), this program was a lot of fun for everyone, and the best part is the fact that I did little to no prep work.  All I had to do was familiarize myself with the apps, which took about 10 minutes because I was already familiar with most of them.

After people were done exploring the iPads, I asked them what their favorite apps were.  Here are some of the favorites:

Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad

Finger Paint with Sounds

LEGO Movie Maker

My Robot Friend


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