Toddler Art — November 2014

It’s official.  Toddler Art is popular.  I had 45 little ones come in with their grown ups to make this month’s toddler crafts, and it was an amazing and slightly chaotic hour (thankfully I had a coworker on hand to help out!).  I once again offered two crafts — one clean and one messy — although I’m pretty certain that almost all of the participants ended up doing both.  Still, I like the idea of offering two.  That way if I ever do get a parent who doesn’t want his/her child around (non-toxic, of course) paint, they can still participate.

So here’s what we did this month:

Pencil Stamping Corn on the Cob

Corn Stamping by Falling Flannelboards
I had an unofficial Thanksiving theme for this program and offered two different food-inspired crafts.  This corn on the cob craft uses pencils, paint, and straw-like raffia.


  • Cardstock corn cutouts
  • Non-toxic finger paint
  • Pencils with erasers
  • Hole punch
  • Straw-like raffia


  • Dip pencil erasers into paint
  • Stamp on corn cob cutout
  • Hole punch top
  • Tie raffia

Tissue Paper Pumpkins

Tissue Paper Pumpkin by Falling Flannelboards
I had originally wanted to do this one in October, but then I ran out of contact paper, so it got pushed back to November.  I had a summer staff person cut out the pumpkin shapes for me, then I slapped on some contact paper, placed some tissue paper squares on the table, and let the tots have it.


  • Pumpkin cutouts
  • Contact paper
  • Tissue paper squares


  • Cut out the pumpkins ahead of time
  • Cover one side of pumpkins with contact paper
  • Have children place tissue paper squares on contact paper

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