Blog Update!


Can you believe that it’s October already?  Time has just been flying by these past couple of months!  I had high hopes of updating more this fall, but first there was the ALSC Institute, and then catching up on work after the ALSC Institute, and now I’m a CYBILS judge (very excited!!!) so the likelihood of having regular blog posts is slim (though I will try my utmost to post something!!!).

While I most likely won’t be posting much, I am planning on doing some maintenance type things for the ol’ blog.  One of the things I’d like to do is update my blogroll.  SO…

If you have a blog or know of a blog that I should include in my blogroll, please leave a comment with the URL!*

Due to how busy I’ve been these past couple of months, I haven’t been keeping up with new blogs! And I know that there are many new bloggers out there who are posting amazing stuff, and I want to be sure that I’m highlighting their work!  So don’t be shy!

*I am only accepting blogs that focus on early literacy or some aspect of children’s services within libraries.  This includes storytime blogs, early literacy blogs, programming blogs, book reviewing blogs, and librarianship in general blogs.  I’m also okay with preschool teacher blogs, homeschool blogs, and maybe even teen services blogs.


6 thoughts on “Blog Update!

    • I Stephanie! Very cute blog! (And, wow, you found my celebrity storytime post from ages ago!) I’ll be adding you to the blogroll and keeping my eye out for new posts!

  1. Hi Erin, my name is Emily and I am one half of the Fairy Twins Book Time duo. It would be awesome if you could feature us on your blogroll! Our blog is and we haven’t posted in forever, but we are about to pick it back up again, as our Fall story time season just started. We fell a little behind, but have a ton of exciting things in the works.. I have like 3 posts in draft as we speak 😉

    • Hi Emily! Believe me, I know all about falling behind! I sometimes go months without updating this blog, and it makes me feel bad, but sometimes life just takes precedence, you know? I will be adding your blog to my blogroll momentarily, and I look forward to reading future posts! 🙂

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