Perfect for Storytime: May Edition!

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Adventures of BeekleThe Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend by Dan Santat
Published 4/8/2014

In this heartwarming story, Beekle is an unimaginary friend.  He has waited his entire life for a child to imagine him, but hasn’t had any luck.  So he does the unthinkable:  He builds a ship and enters the real world.  At first the real world is strange, drab, and gray.  But when Beekle finally finds his friend, the real world turns out to be not so bad at all!  This story is wonderful and captures the imagination of a child beautifully.  I’m especially enthralled by the illustrations and wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being a Caldecott contender!

Here Comes DestructosaurusHere Comes Destructosaurus! by Aaron Reynolds
Published 4/1/2014

When Destructosaurus comes to town, he causes all kinds of trouble! His tail topples building and bridges, and his feet track seaweed, and he burps fire! The narrator tries to calm Destructosaurus down by telling him to watch his manners, but Destructosaurus has other things on his mind — like finding his lost teddy bear. Once the bear is found and Destructosaurus gives us a big hug, he heads back out to sea, ignoring the narrator who tells him to help clean up. But, never fear, a giant chicken named King Kluck arrives just in time to help clean up (or, more accurately, cause more destruction). Jeremy Tankard’s digital illustrations are wonderful and eye catching, though I’m not so sure how parents will feel about the fact that Destructosaurus doesn’t learn his lesson. Kids, however, will find the ending humorous.

Who's In the TreeWho’s in the Tree? And other Lift-the-Flap Surprises by Craig Shuttlewood
Published 4/1/2014

This book has so many great things going for it! Rhyming text? Check! Animals? Check! Lift-the-flaps? Colorful illustrations? Humor? Check! Check! Check! The text provides a clue as to who’s hiding, and each hiding animal is peeking out just a little bit, so that kids can guess who it is. However, some of the clues are pretty ambiguous, and some of the animals just aren’t peeking out enough for large storytime crowds to get a good look. Still, I think this has the potential to be a storytime favorite! I can also see a flannelboard being made from this!

Chengdu Could Not Would Not Fall AsleepChengdu Could Not, Would Not Fall Asleep by Barney Saltzberg
Published 5/6/2014

Chengdu is a panda bear who just cannot fall asleep. He tries tossing and turning and even hanging upside down to no avail. Finally he finds the perfect place to fall asleep — right on top of his brother. This silly story is a perfect addition to a panda, jungle, or bedtime storytime. With simple text, foldout pages (you’ll definitely want to practice this one before reading in front of a crowd…just so you know which pages are the foldouts), and illustrations done in black, white, and green, this book is sure to be a hit!

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