Storytime Activity: Dino Egg Hunt

Today I had another great Toddler Time with the kiddos!  Our theme was Dinosaurs, and it was pretty similar to the Dino theme that I did back in January.  However, one thing that I did do this time that I didn’t do last time was a Dino Egg Hunt.  Originally, I wanted to have plastic dinosaurs in Jello for the toddler to practice their paleontology skills (as seen here), but then I decided that that was too messy of an activity for storytime (maybe for a science club…).  So I went back to the drawing board to think of another idea, and came up with this one…

Dino Eggs

I made extra felt dinosaurs (Template from Mel’s Desk), and folded the dinosaurs up into Easter eggs.  I then hid the eggs in  a corner of the room.  Prior to setting the children loose to find the eggs, I talked to them about how dinosaurs hatched out of eggs.  Then I instructed each child to find two eggs and bring them back to their caregiver.  Afterwards, we opened the eggs, and the children were able to bring their dinosaurs up to the flannelboard.

The kids loved this activity!  They liked the surprise of seeing which kind and color of dinosaur they got in their eggs, and, as always, they loved that they were able to put them up on the board.  Afterwards, we counted how many dinosaurs we had on the flannelboard (19!).


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