Introducing Simply STEM!

Engineering STEM

Image Credit:  Stock Vault

Back in April, I participated in an ALSC online learning class that focused on STEM programming.  Throughout the month, as my classmates and I were creating and sharing STEM programs, we discussed how nice it would be to place everything on a wiki…something that could continue to be updated even after the class was over.  While this initially started as a wishful thinking idea, one of my classmates took it on herself to make this wish into a reality.  And today I am happy to announce that Simply STEM, a wiki for STEM library programs, is officially up and running!

This wiki currently has the programs that were created and discussed in the ALSC course; however, it is open for anyone to contribute their own STEM programs, and you don’t even have to register with wikispaces to contribute (though that would be nice).  So if you have a STEM program that you would like to contribute, please do!  And if you’re looking for ideas to offer STEM at your library, head on over to Simply STEM and check it out!


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