Flannel Friday: Five Little Monsters

Five Little Monsters

Okay, I know we’re no where near October, but I’ve been wanting to update the Five Little Monsters flannelboard that I made last fall, and I finally got around to it recently!  My original set of monsters are very small, and with my storytime crowds getting bigger, I need flannel pieces that everyone can see.  So I made the monsters bigger and even have a template to share for this week’s Flannel Friday!

Five Little Monsters Jumping on the Bed

Five little monsters, jumping on the bed.
One fell off and bumped his head.
Mama called the doctor and the doctor said…
No more monsters jumping on the bed!

Four little monsters…

Template: (click images for PDF)

Five Monsters 1

Five Monsters 2


Lisa is hosting this week’s Flannel Friday over at Story Time with the Library Lady!


6 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Five Little Monsters

  1. There’s another version of this song that would be perfect with these cuties! The kids love this, I end up singing all year instead of just in October for Halloween! The song is fast paced, and sometimes we act it out while singing.


    The lyrics are:
    Five little monsters jumping in the house
    1 fell down and he said ouch!
    When I called the doctor he announced
    No more monsters jumping in the house!

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