Baby Craft: Egg Shakers

I really debated about whether I should post this craft or not.  It’s already pretty well known, and it’s so simple to do that I feel kind of silly posting instructions for it.  However, I’m just a little bit of a perfectionist, and I like the idea of posting about all of my baby crafts, so here we go…


Egg Shakers

Supplies Needed:
–  Plastic Easter eggs
–  Uncooked rice (or popcorn kernels)
–  Tape (or hot glue gun)

–  Open Easter egg
–  Pour in a little bit of rice or popcorn kernels
–  Tape or glue shut

About This Craft:

I really don’t have too much to say about this craft.  It’s pretty simple, and it’s a great way to use up Easter eggs after the holiday.  I use egg shakers a lot in my toddler (and sometimes preschool) storytimes.  We shake them up high, down low, and to the beat of music.  With babies, it’s just nice to watch them play with the egg shakers.


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