Baby Craft: Rhyme Cube!

My baby storytimes have started back up, which means I have some new baby-appropriate crafts to share with you!

This first craft is something that I initially made to use in my Pre-K storytime.  I decided that I wanted to sing more in that storytime (and have the kids and their caregivers sing along), but coming up with songs off of the top of my head on the spur of the moment is hard!  So I made this rhyme cube, and it has been a big success in Pre-K storytime.  It’s a lifesaver for me (especially on days when I need to get the kids’ attention or fill up some time due to a particularly short book).  However, it’s also a favorite among the kids!

Since the rhyme cube has been such a big hit with the older kids, I figured it would make a great craft for the baby storytime.  Surely I’m not the only one who has trouble thinking of rhymes off of the top of my head, and this way parents can take it home and be reminded to sing rhymes with their babies.


rhyme cube

Supplies Needed:
–  Tissue box (I prefer empty, but you can use a full one if you want)
–  Clip art for rhymes
–  Colored paper (optional)
–  Book tape

–  Tape rhyme clip art to larger squares of colored paper (optional, but it looks nice)
–  Tape rhyme clip art to each side of tissue box
–  Place book tape over rhyme clip art to create a laminated effect (also helps protect it)

About This Craft:

This is a cheap craft, although you’ll have to remember to save up tissue boxes ahead of time (I started saving in the fall for this spring craft).  While it’s a fairly simple craft to do, it can be time-consuming.  Out of the six caregivers who came to today’s session, only three completed the craft, and it took them about 20 minutes to do it.  Out of the other three, two attempted the craft but gave up when their babies started reaching for the paper (they ended up taking the supplies home to do it later), and one didn’t attempt it at all.  To make the craft shorter, you can skip the colored square backgrounds and even the book tape.


Some people suggest using full tissue boxes (either leave the tissues in them, or fill them with something else).  This will make them more sturdy.  However, I have found that empty tissue boxes roll better.  So it’s my own personal preference to use empty ones.


3 thoughts on “Baby Craft: Rhyme Cube!

    • I used:

      Twinkle, Twinkle
      Row, Row, Row Your Boat
      The Itsy Bitsy Spider
      I’m a Little Tea Pot
      This is the Way the Lady Rides
      The Noble Duke of York

      But, really, you can use any rhymes you like/feel comfortable with. 🙂

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