Book Display: Readbox

ReadboxNow that Valentine’s Day is over, it’s time for a new book display!  I was feeling particularly ambitious this time, so I decided to make a Readbox book display.  I saw a few of these displays on Pinterest, and figured that they’re eye-catching enough to draw kids to the display.

It took a little while to make this display, though none of it was particularly difficult. I made the Readbox sign first, a week prior to putting up the display.  I didn’t use a certain font for the letters.  I just modeled them after the other displays I saw and cut them out myself.

After the Readbox sign was done, I started on the Rent a Book/Return a Book sign that’s in the middle.  First I tried looking around to see if a library had posted their own version of this sign for others to download.  Since I didn’t find anything high quality (just pictures of the sign), I went into Publisher and made my own.  It’s pretty easy to make in Publisher, but if you’re thinking about doing this display and want to save some time, you can download my copy below:

Readbox Page

After that came the somewhat tricky part.  I took the shelves off of the display and wrapped it with red paper.  This would have been easier if I had had someone to help me, but I unfortunately decided to put this display up on a day when we were seriously short staffed.  Still, I managed on my own and had the display wrapped in red in about a half an hour.

I taped my signage on, and then it was time to put the shelves back.  I decided where I wanted them to go, then used a scissors to cut a little slit in the paper for the shelves.

And after that it was just a matter of stocking the display with books.  I decided to pick out a variety of genres and reading levels since this display doesn’t have a set theme.

I posted a picture of the new display on my library’s Facebook page, and it has generated a lot of positive response on there.  As for the display itself, the books aren’t going as quickly as I’d like (though it’s still early…it’s only been up 3 days at this point), but it does have a lot of people, both young and old, checking it out as they walk into the library, so that’s something at least.

Has anyone else done a Readbox book display?  If so, what kind of response did you get from it from your patrons?

3 thoughts on “Book Display: Readbox

  1. Thanks for the download! I am doing a Readbox bulletin board for my elementary school library. Since March is Reading Month, we are going with a popcorn theme and books into movies theme.

  2. Hello!

    I’m going to do a readbox display sometime this week! I’m so happy you posted the “Rent a Book” sign. Thanks so much!!

  3. Discussion has commenced on putting up a readbox display in the high school library of the alternative program of Rowan County- Henderson Independent to be specific.

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