Book Display: Valentines

Valentine's DisplayI know that blind date book displays are all the rage for Valentine’s day this year.  However, I did a blind date book display back in the summer, and while it was a big hit and very fun for me to see the kids snatch books off of it and check them out, it was also kind of a huge pain in the butt for me to wrap so many books to keep it stocked.

Now, I’m not saying that I’d never do a blind date book display again.  All I’m saying is that I need a break from it.  It may be another few months before I feel up to doing it again.

Also, I ran out of wrapping paper and don’t particularly feel like buying more just now.

So I did a more traditional Valentine’s Day book display for the past two weeks.  I picked out books that dealt with dating and first crushes and Valentine’s Day in general.  I even had a library assistant help me make bookmark hearts to go in them (the hearts say, “Fall in love with a good book”).  I honestly thought these books would fly off the display, but they really haven’t.  Strange.

For those kids who did not want to read mush, gushy, lovey, dovey stuff, I had an Anti-Valentine’s Day Display on the back of the Valentine’s one.

Anti-Valentine's Day

2 thoughts on “Book Display: Valentines

  1. I work at Clyde Public Library in Clyde, OH and I did an adult version of this display this past Valentine’s Day. I had on one side romance books and relationship advice books for the “true romantic”, and the other side was true crime books for the “anti-romantic”. Our patrons loved it!

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