Baby Craft: Bib Clip!

When it comes to baby crafts, I look for things that are either: 1) a fun, early literacy toy that baby can play with, 2) a piece of artwork that caregivers can keep in a scrapbook or send to grandma/grandpa, or 3) something useful for the caregivers.  This particular craft is something useful for caregivers.  Using ribbon, Velcro, and small binder clips, this bib clip is for when caregivers are out with baby and forgot to pack a bib.  All they need to do is clip a napkin or towel and voila!  It’s a make-shift bib.  (I like to joke that it also works on messy husbands and teenagers.)


Bib ClipSupplies Needed:
–  Ribbon
–  Small, colorful binder clips
–  Velcro
–  Scissors

–  Cut ribbon to desired length
–  Loop small binder clips through ends of ribbon
–  Secure with Velcro

About This Craft:

As I said before, this is something cute and easy to make that caregivers can keep in their diaper bags for those times when they need a bib and don’t have one available.  I’ve had several people, including coworkers, tell me how much they liked this craft.  And it’s so simple and cheap to make that I will definitely be using it again.


I used Velcro because it was the easiest for our crafting situation.  Seeing as Velcro can be pulled apart, hot glue or sewing the ends shut might be more secure options.  However, with a lot of parents and babies in the room, it’s always best to go with the easiest option for these baby crafts.  Parents are welcome to alter it at home if they want.


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