Baby Craft: Button Snake!

This was the first time that I tried this craft for Babygarten.  I found it on Pinterest and decided that it could definitely work even though the finished product is more suited for toddlers (or even preschoolers).  The very young babies can’t do much with it, but I figured that this is something that the caregivers can hold onto until their children are developmentally ready for it.


button snakeSupplies Needed:
–  Ribbon (not the curling kind)
–  Button (big enough to be a stopper at the end)
–  Thick thread (friendship bracelet thread)
–  Needle
–  Assorted felt
–  Scissors

–  Pre-cut ribbon to desired length
–  Sew button on one end of ribbon
–  Cut various shapes out of felt
–  Cut slit in middle of felt shapes
–  Have child practice pulling the ribbon through the felt

About This Craft:

This craft makes a fun toy that helps young children develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by weaving the ribbon through the shapes.  It’s also a good toy to use to teach shapes, colors and patterns!  Like I said earlier, it’s really meant for older children, but I don’t think anyone cared that they had to hold onto it for awhile before their children could play with it.  A few caregivers told me that they really liked it.


Some caregivers might be nervous about sewing buttons.  So I sewed buttons onto some ribbons before the program started so that those who are uncomfortable learning to sew wouldn’t have to.  This worked out well because a lot of the caregivers like to bring their kids to the table while they work on their craft, and I think sewing with small children around would have been too difficult.  I did have some ribbon, buttons and needles available just in case though.

Also, even though most of the babies were still a little young for this one, they all enjoyed playing with it anyway.  One baby, however, liked to chew on the button, so I had to tell the caregivers to keep an eye their babies if they were going to play with this toy.  I sewed the buttons on good and tight, but I don’t want a baby chewing it off and choking.  (The other babies, oddly enough, did not even think about putting it in their mouths.)

Like I said earlier, the caregivers really liked this one.  But the possible choking hazard is causing me to consider keeping it for older kids and taking it out of the Babygarten craft list.


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