Baby Craft: Calming Glitter Bottle!

Another easy sensory craft for babies involves water bottles, water, food coloring and whatever you want to put in the bottle that’s pretty for baby to look at.  I have two versions of this craft:  For my winter session, I put glitter in the bottle, and for my fall session, I put larger items (such as pom-poms, sequins, beads, googly eyes, buttons, etc) into the bottle.


calming glitter bottle

Supplies Needed:
–  Clear, plastic water bottles (I use the tiny ones)
–  Water
–  Food coloring
–  Loose glitter/glitter glue
–  Masking tape

–  Fill bottle with water
–  Add desired amount of glitter
–  Add food coloring
–  Put lid back on and wrap masking tape around it
–  Shake bottle to create glitter storm

About This Craft:

For babies, this craft is all about the sensory experience and the fine motor skills.  Babies enjoy looking at the sparkling glitter, and it gives them practice holding and manipulating the bottle to strengthen their hand muscles.  When the babies get older, these bottles (or bigger versions of these bottles) can be used as time out timers.  The glitter settling to the bottom of the bottle supposedly has a calming effect on children.


I use silver glitter glue for this craft.  I have a big bottle of it, and I just squirt a little into the water bottles.  This helps me avoid messes with loose glitter.  If you do decide to use loose glitter instead of glitter glue, you might want to use a funnel to keep things tidy.  Also, make sure you use very fine glitter as opposed to larger, clumpier glitter.  Technically the larger glitter still works, but it’s less calming and more razzle dazzle and, instead of settling to the bottom, half of the larger glitter tends to clump to the top.


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