Flannel Friday: Bird Houses!

Bird Houses 2My contribution to this week’s Flannel Friday is a flannel matching game that works well with a birds, shapes or colors theme!  I swear I saw something similar to this idea on an old Flannel Friday post (back when FF first started), but I’ve looked at our Pinterest page and couldn’t find it, so I decided to contribute mine.

For this matching game, I made several bird houses, each with a different shaped entrance.  Then I made different shaped birds to match with the houses (after much consideration, I decided to color-code them as well).  To play the game, I put the houses up on the board, and then the children help me find the right house for each bird.  The shapes I used were tiny circle, big oval, triangle and rectangle.  If I ever feel up to it, I’ll make other shapes to add to it.

Since this flannel set is shapes based, it was pretty easy to make.  A rough template is below if you’re interested (the pieces are a bit big):

Bird Houses

Katie is hosting this week’s round-up.  And don’t forget to check out our Pinterest account!  And our Flannel Friday website!

12 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Bird Houses!

  1. Love the simplicity of your birds and birdhouses! You did a fantastic job!

    Thank you sharing your version of something from awhile ago because I don’t remember the idea. Maybe it was posted before I joined Flannel Friday? Always nice to see others twists on an idea. :o) And thanks to Anne and LQ, we know there is another post and we can check out both versions. I will be making my own version soon. Thinking it will be perfect for a Springtime storytime. ❤

    Thanks for sharing this week!
    ~ K ~

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