Baby Craft: Gripper Socks!

The baby storytime that I do at my library is an hour long and includes a craft.  Now, when I first learned that I needed to do a craft for a baby storytime, I had my doubts about it:  Would the grown-up caregivers feel comfortable doing a craft?  Are there any crafts out there that are suitable for babies?  Would this create a huge mess in our activity room?

I admit that I was very nervous about these baby storytime crafts, and they did give me a few headaches over the years as I tried to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  However, I’ve found that these crafts are a huge hit with caregivers!  Over the past two years, I’ve spent ages searching Pinterest for appropriate crafts, and I thought I’d post them here for easy access if anyone else wants to start a craft portion for their baby storytimes.  (Or a baby craft program unto itself.)

This week, we made…


socksSupplies Needed:
–  Baby Socks (size 18-36 months; little ones can grow into them)
–  Puffy Paint in various colors
–  Cardboard cut into small rectangles

–  Insert cardboard rectangles into socks (makes them sturdy)
–  Decorate the bottom of the sock with Puffy Paint
–  Let dry (I give the caregivers the option of leaving their socks at the library until next time)
–  Take out cardboard

About the Craft:

I love to use this craft for our first baby storytime of the winter session because it’s super simple, yet very cute.  Some caregivers are initially nervous about the craft portion of the baby storytime, so offering a craft that’s very easy is a way to reassure them that they do not need to be an artist to make a craft with their children.  Normally this craft is a huge hit with caregivers; however, only a quarter of the caregivers who came to today’s storytime partook in the craft.  The rest decided to stay on the storytime carpet and socialize, which is perfectly acceptable.  Those who did do the craft loved it, though.


While we do our craft, we have music playing and toys on the storytime carpet for the babies to play with.  Some mothers will take their babies with them to work on the craft, others ask a nearby mother to watch her baby play while they do the craft independently.  Both work (though having a baby in your lap while you craft can be a bit tricky).


3 thoughts on “Baby Craft: Gripper Socks!

  1. This is great idea. I occasionally transform our weekly Baby Rhymetimes into a social and craft session (usually during school vacations, as we are a school library too, and we then have more time and space). The craft is more for the mums than the young babies and this would be a fun one to try.

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