Book Display: Mustaches!

Mustache book displayMy friend, Danielle, is awesome!  Not only does she read this blog from time to time (and she isn’t a librarian, so it’s not like she needs to brush up on her storytime planning), but she also offers me insightful comments and suggestions.  One of the things that she suggested ages ago is that I should post more book displays on my  blog.  So here you go, Danielle!  A book display post!

I (mustache) You to Read These Books!  There’s really no set theme for this display, except that I tried to pick out books that had a face of some sort on the cover so that I could tape a mustache on it.  I originally also wanted to tape some mustaches to popsicle sticks and place those by the display so that kids could walk around with their own mustaches; however, by the time I finished taping mustaches to the books, I was sick and tired of cutting out mustaches.

I wish I could take full credit for coming up with this book display idea, but I actually  found this idea on Pinterest for No Shave November.  Children don’t shave (or at least most of them don’t), so I figured I could get away with having this display up in January.  Mustaches are still in with the young folk, though some of my older coworkers didn’t quite get it at first.  Still, I see plenty of people (young and old) stop by the display, and the books have been going pretty steadily.

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