Five Little Monsters Template

I originally was not going to make a template for my Five Little Monsters flannel set.  Partly because I’m not all that great at templates, but also because I based this flannel set off of some clip art I found online.  I’m still unsure of the legality of posting a template of someone else’s clip art (even if I made a few changes).  But Caitlin asked so nicely for a template that I decided to go ahead and go for it!  If it turns out that I am infringing on someone else’s copyright, then I’ll take it down.

Now, this isn’t a great template.  I drew it out by hand, and I didn’t have a scanner, so I ended up taking a picture of it with my phone and making a template with that image.  Still, it should work.

Click here for template.


One thought on “Five Little Monsters Template

  1. Thank you so much! Even though I did a monster-themed storytime a few months ago, I’m going to have to do another soon just so I can use these :).

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