iPad Apps for Storytime!

Wow, it has been over a month since my last post here on Falling Flannelboards!  Believe me, the hiatus was unintentional.  I’ve been very busy in both my professional and personal lives, and I really haven’t had time to sit down and write coherent blog posts.  Things seem to be winding down at the moment though, so I thought I’d pop in to tell you about how things have been going with my iPads in storytime experiment.

Sadly, I’ve been having a problem with this whole using iPads in storytime experience.  Mainly, I’ve been forgetting to bring my iPad to work on days that I had planned to use it in storytime!  I don’t bring my iPad to work everyday because I don’t really use it outside of storytime, and I don’t want it to get stolen or broken or lost or what-have-you.  I’m normally a very organized individual, and I don’t forget things all that often, but every time that I wanted to bring my iPad for storytime, I ended up leaving it at home (even when I set reminders for myself, and even had it out on my kitchen table, ready to go!).

I’m bummed that I haven’t gotten a chance to use these apps, but I thought I’d share my ideas regardless.  Hopefully other librarians out there aren’t having the same forgetful problem that I’m having.  So here’s what I wanted to do:

Doodlecast for Kids by Tickle Tap Apps.

This is a drawing app that records not only your drawing process, but your voice as well!  I thought this would be perfect for a drawing story.  My plan was to use it for a Things That Go theme and have the children sing “Wheels on the Bus” while I drew a bus.  Luck would have it that I left my iPad at home and wasn’t able to try it out, but I think it would have worked really well.  And did I mention that this app allows you to upload the video of your drawing/story to youtube?  This could be a great way to promote storytime in your community.  Just use it for a drawing story in storytime, then post the video to youtube and then post it to your library’s Facebook/Twitter pages so that everyone can share it with their little ones, even if they can’t make it to the library for storytime.

Bug Builder by Tickle Tap Apps.

Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it…I love the Tickle Tap Apps.  I only have three downloaded so far, but I will probably download more in the future (once I start learning to bring my iPad to work on days that I need it!).  This app in particular amuses me so much that I sometimes start it up when I’m bored at home.  In this app, you get to build a bug.  First you pick a shape.  Then you color it in.  And then you tap, tap, tap until a bug “hatches”.  My plan was to have the children call out which shape they wanted me to use, and which colors.  Then I was going to ask them if they wanted the bug to have spots or stripes or some other design as I colored it in.  And then I was going to let the children take turns tap, tap, tapping until the bug hatched.  I highly recommend this app, and I might have to find a way to sneak it into a future storytime since I didn’t get to use it for my bugs storytime like I planned.

And that is it!  I’m planning to use an app for a friendly monters themed storytime in a few weeks.  Let’s hope I don’t leave it at home!


3 thoughts on “iPad Apps for Storytime!

  1. I love the idea of using the iPad in storytimes. I have used it for music by finding the song on Youtube and playing it. I have an app for animal sounds and used this having the children guess the animal sounds. I want to incorporate it more into my storytimes because it adds another element of fun. Thanks for the ideas of these apps. Download here I come…..

  2. Thanks for sharing. Rumor has it we are going to be getting an ipad for our children’s department. I have one at home and have thought about using it for story time but never figured out how. If you still need a monster app, Big Green Monster is a great app – there is even a song version and my kids at home love it.

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