Flannel Friday! Where’s Walrus!

What’s this?  I’m posting another Flannel Friday?  Why, yes I am!  I will say that I currently have nothing planned for next week’s Flannel Friday, and I’m heading to ALA this weekend, so I may not have time to prepare one either.  But maybe the week after…

This week, I’m bringing you yet another flannel that was inspired by a picture book.  This time, however, the book in question is a wordless picture book.  Where’s Walrus is such a cute book/story, that I just had to flannelize it!  The book might be hard to read in storytime (though if you have a small crowd, it could be fun to have the children tell you the story), but it makes a great hiding flannel game.

As you can see, this is still a work in progress.  My goal is to one day have a piece for all the places in the book, but I’ve already been working on this for weeks, and I need a long hiatus from it before I can continue it.  It can still work with just four pieces, though…especially if you have a toddler crowd.

I’m particularly proud of the walrus:

Shawn is hosting this week’s round-up at Read, Rhyme & Sing.  For more Flannel Friday information, or for past Flannel Fridays, be sure to check out the website.


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