Puppet Show: The Confused Frog Prince

Last week we did a storytime about frogs, and I decided that it was high time for another puppet show.  We actually do have a frog puppet, but the thing is so huge and heavy that we don’t like using it for puppet shows.  Which is how I came up with the idea of having a puppet show about a crocodile with an identity crisis.  Enjoy!

The Confused Frog Prince

6 thoughts on “Puppet Show: The Confused Frog Prince

  1. This is hilarious! Thanks so much for sharing! The pre-k classes I read to are obsessed with my crocodile puppet, so this would be really fun for them!

  2. I modified this to use our alligator puppet and called it “There’s No Such Thing as Alligators.” The kids had fun trying to convince “Alli” that she is an alligator and not one of the other animals that live at the park. We compared her to an eagle, a beaver, an otter, and a toad. Very clever idea.

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