Flannel Friday! Four Candy Hearts!

Today’s another Flannel Friday extravaganza!  We’re focusing on Valentine’s Day, which just so happens to be my favorite holiday (closely followed by St. Patrick’s Day…yeah, I know I’m a bit weird).  Here’s my contribution to the Flannel Friday round-up:  Four Candy Hearts!

I had a candy heart that said, “I love you,”
My mommy gave me another,
Now I have two!
Two candy hearts just for me,
My daddy gave me another,
Now I have three!
Three candy hearts — sister gave me one more,
This one said, “You’re the best!”
Now I have four!
Four candy hearts say, “You’re the best,”
“I love you,” and “Be mine.”
It sure is sweet to be my family’s valentine!

The rhyme is from Storytime Magic by Kathy MacMillan and Christine Kirker.  I was happy that this flannelboard gave me the opportunity to practice my painting.

This week’s storytime is being hosted by the lovely Anna over at Future Librarian Superhero.


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