Puppet Show: Do Pigs Say Moo?

I do a puppet show in storytime about once a month.  While my library has a few books that have puppet shows in them, I feel like many of these are much too complicated for my limited experience with puppets.  So I end up writing my own puppet shows.  They’re simple in the sense that they don’t require props or especially talented puppeteers; however, they do focus a lot on audience participation, which usually results in very happy children (they love talking to the puppets!).

This week our storytime theme is all about Pigs, and it’s been about a month since my last puppet show, so I whipped up a puppet show about pigs.  And then it hit me that I can’t be the only librarian in the world who finds herself scratching her head and thinking up puppet shows every now and then, so I’ve decided to post my puppet shows in here for others to use/adapt.

Do Pigs Say Moo?

9 thoughts on “Puppet Show: Do Pigs Say Moo?

  1. Great idea! We do the larger scale puppet shows from books at twice-yearly times (winter and spring breaks) and it is so much work that I cannot bring myself to do shorter ones at storytime. But I know the kids would love it! By posting these, you are encouraging other librarians to introduce puppets into their storytimes too and that’s awesome! 🙂

  2. I love this !! So many times when I use a puppet I don’t know where to take the conversations. Thank you for sharing this, it will help give me some great ideas to incorporate into my storytime. So simple ,yet so funny. I can just hear the laughter of the children now!!!!!

  3. how about adding a wolf puppet at the end. have him come up behind the girl and
    suprise her. that’s why the pig is saying “woof” (wolfe) i think that would be a funny

    melody p

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